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Chapter Twenty

Consultation and Training with the Author


          To keep things brief I'll provide a list of areas where I can be of help to a club or steward in setting up shoe care services. I can provide you with invaluable assistance if you are a:

          1. DEVELOPER OF A GOLF CLUB THAT IS IN THE PLANNING STAGES-I can sit down with you and help you determine if a shoe room will work at your club or whether it would be a waste of time. I can also go over the floor plans of the clubhouse with you in detail, and help you determine where to locate the room to maximize foot traffic and steward/club income should you want a shoe room. Or I can evaluate the placement of a shoe room in your plans. Finally, I can look over the floor plans of a shoe room to determine its level of work efficiency, and suggest changes that will allow your room to function to its full potential. I can also order products and help physically set up the room.

          2. DIRECTOR OF GOLF OR HEAD PRO THAT IS THINKING OF ADDING SHOE SERVICES-no matter the size of your club or the number of courses, I can help you determine the feasibility of a shoe room. If a room is warranted, I can assist you in deciding what level of room (see Chapter Four, Getting Started) you would need to meet the requirements of your membership and/or outside play. And as in #1, I can be of assistance in physically setting up the room.

          3. DIRECTOR OF GOLF, HEAD PRO AND/OR CLUBHOUSE SERVICES MANAGER THAT HAS EXISTING SHOE SERVICES BUT WOULD LIKE TO IMPROVE ITS SETTING AND/OR DELIVERY-many shoe rooms, as was mentioned in the first chapter, are put in place as an afterthought. Because of this, the service may be in cramped quarters and almost inaccessable to members. I can come in, take a look at how your shoe services are operating, and suggest ways to improve its setting and delivery.

          4. DIRECTOR OF GOLF, HEAD PRO, CLUB MANAGER, OR SHOE STEWARD WHO NEEDS SOME ADVICE ON SHOE SERVICES-you may not need a face to face consultation at your club or course to solve a problem related to setting up shoe services or making existing services even better, but would find it helpful to get some questions answered. I can be reached on the Internet at my business email address at or at home at Consultations can be set up from there.


          I can provide training in a number of different ways and settings. I can be indispensable in this area if you are a:

          1. HEAD PRO OR DIRECTOR OF GOLF THAT HAS A ROOM IN PLACE AND YOU'VE JUST FOUND A PERSON FOR THE JOB-I would be happy to come out to your club and train the new steward in your shoe room. I could also teach him the basics as well as many advanced skills (shoe dying and repair, golf bag and luggage


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